E3 2011- I have never seen so much GTTV in my LIFE!!!!!

Well E3 2011 is sadly over and the truth is… it was… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, everything about E3 this year seemed to be as good or even better than last year. People thought that it was too boring and well, I can’t argue there since most of the mayor shit we were going to find out we sort of already knew about, but the reality is that this year, more than last year, kicked serious ass. Now of course most people are so jaded that they rarely get excited, but I don’t care much for zinnicks. God should strike them down with his mighty wrath! Mighty I tell you!

Over the course of the next few days I’ll provide my late as shit feedback on each conference as well as highlights, and of course, Ubisoft; the dominators of low notes. I’m also considering creating videos for an all-around post for the conferences, but I would like to acquire them to cut them into the videos to show the highlights as well. So it might take longer, but the blog posts will be done as soon as possible.
E3 kicked ass and it will just get better next year. So we shall wait and see during the year. KICKASSIA!!!!!!!!!!

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