Fico’s Gaming Mind is now in 2012 session!

Well guys, another year has ended and I think I just found my first New Year’s resolution. And it’s to be very active in the Internet. Blogger, Youtube, streaming on Twitch (which I started just a month ago) and also share my opinion more and more. I think I might even start thinking about creating a website to put all these things in one. It’s something that I’ve been thinking of doing for the last year and I sort of started, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to start this off.

I’ve created this post and sharing it with friends to announce that many things from me will be coming in the next year. First, I plan on streaming more gameplay throught and also start posting Let’s Play on other games. Also I plan on making shorter videos and also show off fighting game content for games for the next year as well. I also plan on updating my blogs on a more frequent basis and use Blogger to it’s full potential. My friend Victaru, who has posted a really good first post about gameplay and game design on, inspired me to pick blogging back up and share it with others.

YouTube is something that I’ve been interested in doing very much as well and I’ve been afraid because of the many things to keep in mind when posting videos about using gameplay footage. But since that is almost all that I notice whenever I go to YouTube, I guess it can’t be all that bad. So keep posted and I will also update this for all my Facebook friends and also include into Twitter.

My Twitter handle is ficom23. My streaming site is above and my YouTube page is I have no videos in there but I will start working on those videos during the next few weeks and I shall start including stuff in here to start out with. For now that is pretty much all I have for you guys and if the blog post looks a bit amateurish with the overall look it’s because it is. I dropped working this blog but I like this look. The one from my video game blog looks worse and I do plan on improving the overall look.

Hope you guys will follow and I promise not to be lazy about this at all. Feel free to comment or suggest something for me to talk about as well if you like. Take care guys and have a Happy New Year!


One comment

  1. sekesterson21 · January 6, 2012

    Proud of you!! Miss you, too.


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