Well I just became part of the crazy world of Call of Duty. I have just become ELITE. Joining Elite is for free and you can pay $50 a year for the extra content and save a ton of money if you really wanted too. But for what I get I can do a bunch. I have Double XP so I’m cruising through the first few levels of my character and I’ve played about an hour of Kill Confirmed and it was painful mostly, but I got a just of it all.

I think my favorite feature for the moment is the Level Calculator which makes calculations based on your stats and your current level and it gives you a number on how long it takes for you to level up to the next level of your COD progression. Maps, weapons, killstreaks and almost every thing in detail is there, but if you become premium, these go into further details such as weapon analysis with add on explanations and map analysis as well as tactics to improve your Kill\Death ratio and your understanding of the multiplayer modes that are in CoD: MW3 and Black Ops. I am holding off on getting premium now since I want to experiment with the free version and I also want to save some cash. I’m alone now, so I can’t invest in these things now, but if I like it enough and I play MW3 more and I see that this could be something I could invest to improve in my game and might pay off later, then I will.
I recommend anyone that has either Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3 to get subscribed to ELITE because it’s free and you can lose with what it offers.

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