Well guys, I finally did it! I posted my very first video on YouTube! I was nervous to do this and I also had a bunch of things happen to me last year that kept me from doing this. But now I’ve got all the time in the world now and I can make a lot more time for my future posts. This first video is a Let’s Play for the game Bastion for the Xbox360 when it first came out a few months ago. I started to record the gameplay and then I added the voice over into the game. But now I found the perfect application to record both my gameplay and my voice on it so that the videos I make take a lot less time to make. I held on posting it because I was nervous about things and I didn’t know whether it be good or not. But I think this turned out good and I think the next ones will be better, and have more games to do for YouTube.

The video is located down below so anyone can see it and enjoy it! Leave comments and tell me what you guys think! Take care guys!

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