Part 2 of Bastion LP and

Well guys, video number 3 is up and running and it’s the 2nd part of my pre-recorded Let’s Play for Bastion. This week I’ll be recording more gameplay footage and then be releasing them one bit at a time for all of you to enjoy. I suggest you get Bastion and play along as well, as it will spoil, but that is usually what an LP does. These are like sitting at someone’s house and just watching somoene play and hear their thoughts, reactions, skills, and a bunch of other things you only hear when you are playing video games.

Another note, last night I’ve decided to create an profile page for all to enjoy. is a website in you can create a visual profile and also attach your social networking links, websites, links you like or even playlists you listen on I’ll be adding more in my personal blog, Fico’s Mind. I anyone wants to join my blog as a follower, you can go to the bottom of my main blog page, for now, and hit Join This Site. Then you can sign into your Google ID and you can follow my postings. I’ll arrange this on an easier place so you can follow and also comment on the blogs if you wish.
Well I hope you enjoy this video. Please subscribe so you can get notified via YouTube when I submit as well. Enjoy!
PS: My page is

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