RESIDENT EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. This has got to be the most kickass trailer I have seen for awhile. I mean, this trailer for the next Resident Evil game, just coming of the rumors based on a site called, then like a day or 2 later, this happens!!

Oh my freaking GOD! This game is going to be amazing. Some RE purists are already nagging on how it’s not like the original games and that they need to go back. I frankly found that this game evolved. It may have started the survival horror genre, but it’s thanks to games like this that Gears of War exist. It’s evolved into something else and Capcom realized just how much people like this change. I loved the games how they were and I love how the games turned into now. I don’t see this as a screwing of the series, as more to an evolution. Even if the games aren’t scary, the games are fun.
November 20, 2012, midnight release in like wherever; I will be there!

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