FGM Weekly Announcement

I know there has been a delay between posting and I’ve been recording my footage to resume the Let’s Play, but I’ve also been busy with work and other things in my personal life, but I plan on keeping the momentum going by finishing up the recording and also posting tomorrow the next segment of my Let’s Play Bastion (hopefully).

But for now, I’ve decided that I’m going to be also creating a segment in which I will be going over my favorite gaming sites and picking out the best headlines of the week and I’ll be talking about them in a segment I call FGM Weekly. With FGM still not well known to many and trying to get better at videos and consistency in this project, I’ve also decided to add a segment in which I go to my favorite sources of gaming news, information, and reviews and give you guys my input of what I think of these announcements and what’s to come.
I will also include weekly releases calendars for reminders, updates for FGM and also other things that haven’t been set in stone yet. This set is on rough edges so I’ll be getting more ideas and attempt to get them as together as possible so if you guys have any suggestions of what you would like me to bring to this segment, feel free to leave comments. It has to be video game related of course and if you have any games you’ve spotted and want to be brought to life, suggest some as well and I’ll see if I can play them for future portions of FGM as well.
This is the first year and I’m alone doing this, I’m new at this and I’m also balancing with my life as well. I’ll get content out as much as I can. Thanks all for watching, reading, and supporting as well.

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