Bastion Part 3 is UP!

Well I left this baby uploading and then when to lunch and when I came back, I had this bad migraine in the making so I decided to sleep it off. Unfortunately I feel asleep for 12 hours and I just woke up! It’s 3:00am now! Dang! Well I’m still going to post this so you can all check it out!

This one might be the roughest and the less effort put into it since I just basically did this video after coming back from eating dinner going out. I tried to use the streaming program but the video wasn’t too good. So I just recorded my voice by taking my Blue Mic next to me to the couch and recorded the gameplay with the HD-PVR at the same time. Which is why is might sound like my voice fades away, it’s because I was basically standing up and checking settings on the computer.

But regardless, I hope you guys like this video!


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