FRAPS Skyrim Test

Hey guys! I’ve added a new video on YouTube of me showing off my house in WhiteRun by recording my content with FRAPS and it’s with the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! I also recorded my voice while playing and the file size for the total amount before the production was about 18 Gbs! But when I converted all the files into 1 wmv file and posted it to YouTube, it became around 2 GBs then.

I was testing FRAPS to see if this was a good way to post content for when I play the games on PC. I’ve also decided to edit my streams to have like a shorter version of like the best moments of the streams that I do because it’s a lot of content that goes on those and it’s hard to keep people in when I’m gaming so long. But you can still watch the entire stream on the Videos section of my stream channel at

But for those how are interested in seeing the video for comments or critiques, I’ve posted the video below. Hope you guys like it!


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