I’ve done it! I’ve filmed my entire first segment of FGM Weekly and I’ve now started on the editing portion of this video, but I’m having problems with my audio. I’ve got BOSE USB speakers and for some reason, the sound fades away and I cannot get the audio back at all. I’ve unplugged it and also took the power source out of it and still no juice. These speakers I’ve had problems with in the past and they were find until just a few days ago were they were finicky again. But I take care of this and I will started editing and then the first episode will be done. I was totally improvised and I had my iPhone with all the articles on EverNote to help me follow each article I talked about a little. The episode lasted a while but I promise that the next one will be shorter since the first one is the one that has to make the bang and I wanted to talk about all these great pieces of news and information on the gaming world.

I will keep everyone posted as well and when it’s done, you’ll be able to find it one YouTube and maybe Facebook as well. And of course here so stay tuned!

Love you guys!


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