Issues with PowerDirector and my sound

Hey guys, I’m just reporting that I’m trying to work on the 2nd FGM video as fast as possible but I’ve been having problems with Windows 7 losing sound every time I run a preview on PowerDirector 10. And now, on my last video for the new characters for Soul Calibur 5, for some reason, the clips I was editing don’t have any audio inside the program but I can play the recorded gameplay with the good audio just fine. I’m not sure what the problem is but if this keeps going I’m going to have to re-install the program because this is just ridiculous.

I’ve opened a ticket with Cyberlink’s Support Team and I also gave them a screen with the issue. Maybe I’ll hear from them someday but for now I’m working on the FGM Weekly #2 and then the other SC5 videos will be up soon.

I bought The Darkness 2 and I’m trying to decide to either do a Let’s Play via stream or just do some videos of Darkness 2. I’m still on the fence with that so I will let all of you know soon. Thanks for watching 😉


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