MASS EFFECT 3! The Demo! And Fico’s Gaming Mind FB Page

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve got 2 bits of information to share with all. The first is that I’ve created a new Facebook Page for my FGM project announcements. It’s called the same as my YouTube channel, Fico’s Gaming Mind. I’ve decided to post anything related to my gaming and I added a shortcut on my YouTube page as well. But the address to go is It’s a work in progress but it’ll be the main hub for my Gaming Mind related things.

But the 2nd one is I’ve got 3 videos posted about my adventures with Mass Effect 3, the demo. I’m playing the Origin PC version of the game, but I’ve also got it on the Xbox360 as well. It lags a little due to running FRAPS in the background but running it normally works amazing! The 3 videos are divided below by 3 parts, and they each represent each every part of the demo. Hope you enjoy them!


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