I’ve gotten a total of 20 hours of gameplay and I can say with no hesitation that these might have been the best 20 hours of gaming I’ve had in a long time. Mass Effect 3 does exactly everything I hoped it did and it does way more as well. I just love how the characters that followed you from the 1st and 2nd game actually have an impact on what is happening to you now and how the game’s action, story and gameplay mechanics have all been improved from the 2nd game. The 2nd game was perfect but this one takes the cake in my opinion.

I’ve been trying to get more play time on this game to keep it going but I’ve also gotten other games as well this week. But my first 20 hours have been quite a ride and I plan on giving more details as I keep playing the game. But I’m 100% satisfied with this game and I plan on playing it again once I’m finished and then I plan on doing the ENTIRE SERIES again in something I haven’t done it as, a Renegade. Basically take the bad route and make a Shepard that is such a douche, that I think bad things are on the way. I want to do it because I want to see every possible outcome and so far I’ve had great outcomes but I haven’t tested them all.

I hope everyone that has played the first 2 games get a chance or keep playing if they are because this series is the best in all of gaming in my opinion. And if they do make another Mass Effect after this trilogy is over, I still plan on obtaining as well because Bioware has never let me down and I doubt they will start with their greatest creation.


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