Mass Effect: The Streams

Wazzup guys Fico here and I know that I’ve been away from the videos for a bit but I’ve been nursing myself back to health and I’m about 95% better now so I can proceed to making more videos for you all to enjoy. I finished playing Mass Effect 3 and now I’m replaying the entire series again and I thought of a idea to be a bit more interactive for a character. I thought of playing the entire series while at the same time, to stream it via Twitch so that people can also ship in and contribute in the decisions I would be making all the way up to the very last game. I really don’t mind playing these games again because each game has already got multiple playthroughs.

I already started another character but I can start a brand new one and take over that one. I do want another female Shepard for the overall story but that is just my preference. As for her look, if you stream in maybe you can ship in on ideas of how she would look and what type of character overall she should be. And even if you don’t stream and watch, I’ll still be guiding her towards the inevitable conclusion of the series. The character I’ve got started I have only gotten past the first level on the 1st game, Eden Prime, so nothing really much has happened yet overall. So I think I shall be getting her up to speed and you can all watch ;). I plan on starting this morning and then maybe proceed in the evening, depending on what my day is going to bring.

I’m also playing ME3 multiplayer to get my readiness level a bit higher, something I didn’t do at all in the first playthrough, and I’m really liking it. I’m actually a bit addicted to it now, so I think I shall be streaming this as well so you can all watch and enjoy as well.

Mass Effect…FOREVER!


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