Vicktaru responds with another awesome Mass Effect 3 Video!

Some time ago, I met Victor when he was still working were I am currently still working at and I could tell right from the get-go, he was passionate about video games. PC, old school and new school. Like me, we don’t tear games apart and hate on things just cause they aren’t to our liking, but instead, we soak the entire experience in and we play, enjoy, analyze, and well, make videos about what we think of video games all together. He recently finished his Half Life 1 Let’s Play and even thought he died 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times per video, he was playing in the hardest difficulty and he did manage to complete it for us despite the lag he suffered in one episode and his rigorous Diamond Status playing in Starcraft 2.

I’m happy to report that he was the very first person to give a video response to one of my videos and with that comes this, his video on what he thought of the entire Mass Effect 3 experience, his thoughts about the DLC fiasco from Day 1, and of course, the topic that dies and resurrects again for more, the ending. He does lay out the ending and warns us with a spoiler but the entire video is about 85% spoiler free and he does give you like a minute to shut the video down in case you don’t want to hear the ending thoughts.

However it’s a very interesting video while showing us some really cool gameplay (which by the way, I play as a Soldier and it’s freaking awesome. Master the art of the Adrenaline Rush) and his opinions are what people at Bioware definitely would appreciate. Passionate gamers that didn’t come out pleased 100%, but do acknowledge that the game was a masterpiece.

Here is his video and I want to share it because it does show like the opposite spectrum of my thoughts of the ending, but that might be the only mayor difference. But the rant is quite a listen. Enjoy!

By the way, Victor can be followed at


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