First Stream in 2 months- AlternativA

There comes a time where every person sees a game that catches their attention and you have never even heard of this game. You’ve played this type of game before and you were never really into it, but you saw that it was cheap and that you wanted to give it another try. That is what happened with me and AlternativA, a point-and-click classic adventure game from the days of the old like Syberia and The Longest Journey.

I saw this game on sale yesterday on Steam as part of their Daily Sale, where every day, a single game gets a nice discount for 24 hours. AlternativA was that game and it was only $4 dollars, so I figured, it’s a type of game that I haven’t played in ages and maybe now that I’m older I can get into these games, put my thinking hat, and give it a shot. But I was wrong; the game got me lost within the first few minutes and I still haven’t been through the opening cinematic with the title. Regardless, I started to figure things out and I decided to keep playing this game. I streamed my first few minutes playing this game and I decided to keep streaming as I will still keep on playing.

The first 45 minutes are here, so I hope you guys enjoy it! You’ll catch many funny moments as I figure stuff out, and don’t figure stuff out, and get lost, and tell my main character what to do and he won’t do it.

I can’t wait!
Watch live video from Fico’s Gaming Mind on TwitchTV


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