FGM Weekly is back this week!

Hey guys, as a commitment to get content every week and to further expand on FGM Weekly, I shall be editing today and tomorrow to have FGM Weekly ready for Tuesday and that will be a constant for every week. I will try also to get content from other things like streams and other clips as well during the week and other weeks to come. I will record everything I play so that you can all enjoy what I’ve been playing all the time and enjoy what I have to offer in my gameplay stuff.

This episode is going to be special because it’s not just a regular FGM Weekly, it’s been Ren-sized! This year marks the first time I’ve attended to Bay Area Renaissaince Festival and I came back with a ton of memories and a crap ton of metal. I don’t know how it happen but I’m retelling all this in my adventures of the Ren Fair episode. I can’t wait to start editing and doing the voiceover for this episode and like I said, I plan on getting this done for Tuesday so stay tuned!

Love you guys!


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