Fico’s Fight Stick Quest

Hey guys, like I mentioned before, I acquired a really cool peripheral which I hope will make me into a better fighting gamer, the MadCatz Tournament Edition FightStick PRO Street Fighter x Tekken edition. And I’ve already tested it and played with SkullGirls, BlazBlue, and MVC3. I recorded myself playing on these to create a brand new spinoff from FGM called Fico’s Fight Stick Quest.

Here, I talk more about fighting games, my experiences, show you guys gameplay footage off me playing online and offline with the latest fighting games, and of course, my main goal of becoming a better arcade stick user. And all quests require the first step, and I believe this is the first one, the unboxing.

I received the arcade stick about a week ago and I started to experiment with it, playing in tutorials and training, a few online matches, and also just all around playing with the game in single player. And this tiny quest of mine is going to a great start. But here is how it began:

I was woken up by the UPS guy and then I get my fight stick, and struggled to get it out of the Amazon box to begin. Then I quickly realized how light the stick actually was, and I noticed how sensitive the buttons where, and how the PS button lock functions work with the Start button as well. I began to fall in love with my arcade stick and I will use it every day to play some fighting game to get better at it. I’m not aiming to be EVO good, but I do want to become a better fighting game player, and to do that, you must understand your arcade stick, use it, and practice again and again.

This unboxing video is short and a little rough around the edges, but I had just woken up and I needed to make another video for you guys about this.

Take care guys!


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