I’ve acquired Trials Evolution yesterday and I plan on filming myself play and die all over the place today. I shall be posting videos of me playing through the different modes and also jump into some custom tracks as well. The Track Editor is something I might do a video on later, but I want to first get used to it before exposing the world to my steep learning curve of a mode I have yet to see.

I also got FEZ as well, and I’ve already started recording my playthrough, but it’ll take some time before I get any videos out there as well, but I’ll try to have something here for you guys soon.

Take care guys,


One comment

  1. Voltech · April 24, 2012

    Oh man, Trials Evolution…I tried the demo the other day, and learned something about myself: apparently, I'm very good at crashing up and dying. (I'm also “heavy-handed” according to my brother.)


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