Diablo 3 is AWESOME!!!!!

I’ve started both playing and record footage of Diablo 3 and I absolutely freaking love this game. I cannot wait to show you more about what I’m talking about as I already recorded a little bit of footage and plan to do more as I will continue to play this game cause I love it, love it, love 😉



  1. Voltech · May 15, 2012

    Not being one for PC games, I haven't been following the game too closely — something I came to regret when I saw the trailer for the Monk class.

    I've always been a spellcaster at heart, but as you can guess I also like monks because…well, monks.

    What class are you playing?


  2. Fico · May 21, 2012

    I started with a Barbarian, but I'm also using a Demon Hunter in the Europe servers as backup in case Error 37 pops it's ugly head again.

    I'm totally digging the game for the moment.


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