Wazzup guys! It’s been a few days and I’ve been preparing on my end for some personal things and I’m here now to let you guys know that you have not been forgotten. In fact, I’ve been experimenting with Power Director and my 3 new NewBlue Essentials Video Plug Ins to try and incorporate some more things into my videos for the future. I’ve also wanted you guys to know that I’ve also stopped doing FGM Weekly for a bit since I’ve been re-thinking on how to do more of them or twist them into a different way, like maybe do more of them during the week instead of one massive one at the end. So many things I’ve could have mentioned and since I’ve also been doing the WeightWatchers thing (part of the personal stuff), I’ve also been very preoccupied and barely played games as much. But not to worry, because I’ve got news.

I’ve tested the G35 some more and also thanks to FRAPS not cutting videos down to bits helps when I’m recording gameplay now much better. As such, I will begin to record and play my first playthrough of the long awaited Blizzard game, DIABLO 3. As we speak, I’m currently downloading the client and then I will be getting a tag, and then I will start playing the game and also sharing my thoughts as well. I will be out most of the day and I plan on starting getting the game going in the evening so I will be recording all of that, plus maybe cutting and editing my experience rather than just giving you guys a straight up play thought or Let’s Play of this. Whether I will be doing this with every class is still something I haven’t thought of much, but I do plan on getting more videos out to you guys during the next few days and the next couple of weeks. It’s so much easier with this headset and FRAPS now. I started pumping out videos at first and went on a stall but it’s been a personal change journey and I want to make more videos for you all.

I hope you stay tune as I will be posting more videos soon this week and I hope you guys like them. Thanks for reading and watching. Love you guys!


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