Happy Memorial Day Weekend Guys!

Hey guys, sorry I’ve away for a bit since there have been a lot of things personally happening, but I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend and I know that many of you think it’s about going to the beach and going to BBQ and having fun, and that is all great and all, but take a moment to wish a veteran or someone you know that is in the military and say Thank You and wish them a Happy Memorial’s Day as well.

I’ve also wanted to let you guys know that I plan on posting some update videos coming soon, in fact, there are in the works right now so I plan on having them completed as soon as possible so I can have at least one of them today and ready for all to see.

I also wanted to share a discovery from this last Friday. It seems that after checking out a pair of Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses, I did a eye exam and I something interesting happened. It turns out that I have a bit of astigmatism and even thought I can see really good, I bought a pair of Gunnar Optiks with a prescription. So the eye glasses will improve slightly my vision and it won’t make it worse, I hope.

So look forward to seeing me with my new pair soon this week and I will be playing with them all the time.

Happy Memorial Day, guys!
Love you!


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