E3 Impressions for Day 1 coming tomorrow

Hey guys, I just woke up from working a hell of a shift day last night and I pretty much missed the entire 2 first conferences, but I plan on finding links to view them and also give all my impressions of what Microsoft and EA  announced today for what is coming out during the year. I already saw the new Halo 4 cinematic and the new Tomb Raider trailer and I’m really excited for both those games, but I will definitely go over those 2 conferences and also the ones for later today and I’ll give my extensive analysis.

As for the Sony blog, I think I will combine both what I wanted for E3 from them and what I got from them in one blog. I will get all of that for you guys tomorrow, as well as my impressions from the Nintendo Conference which I will be watching when it goes live.

Peace guys!


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