Upcoming E3 Impressions Project

Hey everyone; with E3 finally coming to a close this week, many of us felt great things, moments, and also disappointments but that is the same thing we feel every year. The truth is that whenever E3 rolls around, the whole world is watching and many opinions come to play and there are so many games, from so many companies that it basically becomes almost impossible to determine everything all at the same time. But the conferences helped flesh out the entire year with a nice bow on it and help us decide what we shall be doing for the next year in regards to our gaming desires.

The reality is that when it comes down to it, at the end, we are left with a ton of impressions and I already made mine pretty clear in the Nintendo Conference post on Tuesday along with the video i recorded of myself that day. I honestly felt a ton of impressions and I’m sure many are also wondering about what else do I feel in regards to E3, Sony, Microsoft and the rest of the games. What are my picks? Which games I will try? Game of the Show? All these I want to do, and much more as later today, I partake in an adventure that I hope will be the 1st of many adventures for me. I will be having a cross over… that’s right, I will be teaming up with someone who also those YouTube gaming videos and we are both going to team up and create impressions videos of E3, the conferences, and what we hope will be the next adventure in this year for gaming.

I will have more information about my upcoming crossover as I will be going to this person’s house and we will be creating videos and I will be directing it since he basically gave me the OK to do so. I’ve got a few ideas and it’s going to be unscripted cause I still don’t have the patience to script anything, and well, since it’s basically impressions, I don’t feel they should be scripted. But my friend and I are pretty much the same in the styles. The person I’m crossing over with is Victor, also known as Vicktaru in YouTube. To see his work, check out http://www.youtube.com/user/vicktaru/featured. He’s done Let’s Play with Half Life 1 on the hardest difficulty, and he is currently been working with Let’s Role Play with Mass Effect 1 and a neat segment called Wait? I Own That, which shows us the games we buy on a whim on Steam for a really good price and then we, just…forget them. So far he has just a few but I hope to convince him to do more and maybe try to convince him to guest star in one of his recordings. Victor is awesome and his passion for video games makes him someone really great to share impressions about video games and I think this meeting will be really rewarding.

For more on the crossover, I will be posting status over time and as soon as it’s all ready I’ll have this ready for all on my YouTube channel.

Peace out guys!


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