Fico And Vicktaru Project Status

Hey guys, Fico here and I just wanted to give you guys a little status of my project with collaboration with Victor aka Vicktaru on YouTube. It was a really relaxing shot, I met his wife Cynthia and they are both some of the coolest people that can be. They are both huge geeks and they are both really kind and friendly and made me feel right at home and I do feel bad for being there till like 3am, but I really I’m grateful that we could get this started and finished.

By the end, we spoke about E3, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Star Trek, beer, water, life, Idra, and a whole bunch of stuff that made the shot so fun and so entertaining, but at the same time it was just us sitting and talking about video games and E3. At the end of the evening, I felt like we had something going and I do hope that the next time we collaborate, it won’t be to far down the road.

But for now, I bring you news… The first video is now being rendered and I shall have the first part ready for today as they are a bit long but still it’s just 2 guys sitting in a couch talking about their most favorite thing in the world. And there was a lot of talking lol. I will post another blog when it’s ready and I shall post all over my Facebook, Twitter and of course, here and will let all of you know. The first video is an introduction, along with impressions of things that happened in the Microsoft conference and none of this was scripted, I had notes, but all came from my Gaming Mind and his…see what I did there 😉

I will have it ready and it will be glorious! lol Love you guys!


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