Fico and Vicktaru’s E3 Impressions- Microsoft

Well guys, this is is, the very first video from a 4 part analysis of E3, done by yours truly, and a really good friend and fellow former co-worker Victor, aka Vicktaru. Him and I had been talking about collaborating in a project for a few months and really didn’t take off until this last week when he asked if I could go to his place, and just discuss what I thought of E3, and every important conference. It was a tough shoot since my equipment is really limited in regards to both size limit for the recordings, memory limit, and that made us stop recording over and over again.

Had to do each video in 2 scenes, and in between each shot, I had to empty the camera’s card and move it to an external hard drive, then empty the camera, stop the voice over and then resume it again one by one. Each video got an improvement in the lighting and I adjusted the white balance so that the image didn’t look orange from the lights.

This is only part 1, so I hope you all enjoy this silly video me and Victor did. This is only the 1st one, so watch out for more this week. 😉

Also, we got cut off due to the lack of memory on the camera, so we stopped all of a sudden, but we managed to get all our impressions out.



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