Fico\Vicktaru E3 Status and new camera BABY!!!!!

Hey guys, this is a very cool announcement as I introduce the newest member of Fico’s Gaming Mind’s family, the Canon HF R300. I got it today from BJs Wholesales and also became a member as well. You would be surprised how much food you can get for so little. I got the camcorder, a carrying case, an instructional DVD, an 8gb SDHC memory card and a few other things for less then $300. I think it was a good deal too good to pass up and eventually I will switch someday to a better one, but this one will get me into shooting better shots, to make better videos and also, to have less setbacks since now the battery life is better and more space with memory that is actually available will be at my disposal. I filmed an unboxing video in my kitchen and it’s currently charging, so the 1st video will become available soon after I get it initially setup.

As for my current projects, the 3rd part of Fico and Vicktaru’s E3 impressions is currently being loaded now to YouTube and will be available within the next 2-3 hours to view. This one we get deep into Nintendo and the fail of a conference they had. Victor had different opinions but it was interesting to share them as well. I think I had more fun filming this than the others since we had props and I had fun playing with TePig, the little Pokemon pig I’m seen playing in this movie. Victor also got his Nintendo swag on but I won’t reveal much yet. So for now, I hope you all enjoy this video and I’ll have more comments for you guys later on.

Love you guys!


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