Status on Part 4 of E3 Impressions

Sup guys! I know I said that I would post part 4 of the E3 impressions with me and Vicktaru, but I didn’t upload it at the right time and I forgot as well since I overslept and then left to visit a friend. I was also intending of submitting it later in the evening or early morning but my Internet Service Provider sucks ass and they encountered an outage and I lost my internet. So for the next video, it’s going to be submitted on the 15th later today, hopefully in the morning if my internet connection is back when I get home.

The last part is basically what is left and it was the more lay back section, but we talk about games that we noticed they didn’t talk about during the conferences and we touch on what games we look forward to the most during the next year of gaming.

Apologies about not posting the vid today, but hopefully will have it ready for tomorrow. Love you guys ;)!


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