Request video coming soon!

Sup guys, I hope that you guys watched the entire E3 Impressions videos and liked what you saw and I hope that you liked what you saw. It was a truly fun shoot and had a blast with Victor and Cynthia and I hope someday it can be repeated someday. But for now I will return making videos that I like to do for you guys and I hope to have them done more on a weekly basis for at least 2 or 3 videos a week. I plan to keep posting videos of me playing ME3 multiplayer and talk about more things as they happen.

What I plan to do next is post my thoughts about something a good friend from my job asked me to talk about and I hope that this will be something most people will be in complete agreement cause I know we gamers hate being nickeled and dimed. I would say what it’s about, but I’m still trying to gather my thoughts about the suggestion but I hope that I am able to post this soon for you guys.

It’ll be the premiere of the new camcorder in the FGM family so I hope that you guys like the videos how they turn out.

Take care guys 😉
Love ya!


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