The Secret World Stream

Hello peeps, and welcome. I posted previously a blog post impression of what I thought of the brief time I spend in The Secret World. The truth is I had a lot of fun and I purchased the pre-order and I’m so totally ready for the Early Access tomorrow. I decided that as a thank you for all of your visits, reads and sometimes comments, I will be streaming tomorrow myself playing The Secret World. My plan is, to be able to stream the moment I get back from the office and be on the stream at 9:00am EST. The stream can be watched at and if your phone doesn’t have Flash, I believe there is a Twitch application for all smartphones now. Also if you didn’t catch the live feed, I will also include it on the next post as an embedded window so you can all watch and enjoy. The Secret World is not just fun, but fascinating at the same time, and I can tell this will be a really fun experience. My first paid MMO experience ever and it wasn’t The Old Republic, kind of shocking.

So gents, and ladies, I hope you can hope for a moment and check out the stream and don’t worry if you can’t, it will be available at the site as well.

Love you guys!


The Secret World will not be available until 12:00pm EST so I will be moving the stream to that time since they launch at 9am PDT. Sorry guys but I’ll be available then.


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