Mass Effect 3 MAYHEM COMING!!!!!

Hey guys, I finished playing Mass Effect 3 with my character and the new Extended Cut DLC installed and I absolutely loved it! I didn’t have a problem with the ending before and I do acknowledge there are things that were missing, but here, OMG, it was perfect. But I know someone that is completely on the other side of the fence with this, and that is my good pal Vicktaru. Remember that dude with the Boo hat sitting next to me during the E3 impressions? Well…

I’m meeting again with him tomorrow and we are going to get into another discussion but this time, the discussion is Mass Effect. We both love Mass Effect and we have 2 different opinions about Mass Effect 3’s ending and we both feel pretty much the same, only one thinks it’s actually better than ever and the other, well, still not convinced. Don’t want it to turn into an argument but it’s going to be a discussion of the past, present and the future of the Mass Effect franchise. I hope you all enjoy once this video is up for all to enjoy.

Down below are Vicktaru and me’s videos of our impressions of Mass Effect 3 on March before the Extended DLC got realized this week.

And also don’t miss me playing The Secret World in the Early Access tomorrow at 9:00AM EST at

Take care guys! I’m Fico, and this is my favorite store at the Citadel!

Victor’s video


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