Fico And Vicktaru’s Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Impressions

Hey dudes: Fico here and I’ve got something for all of you here today. As you may be aware, Mass Effect 3 got some free DLC arrive this week and it’s the long awaited Extended Cut DLC Bioware offered to all as a way to make up for the ending that got tons of disapproval from everyone. This is an extra amount of content that does, in my opinion, fix the issues from the endings and does it without changing them which I’m glad Bioware didn’t. Something about holding their guns holstered and not giving into the rage of the fans and giving us this DLC makes me admire this company more. This video contains spoilers but this is an impressions and discussion video along with Vicktaru which, again, we ran into problems with the recording, but the fix was so easy it wasn’t even a problem.

Well guys I hope you guys like this, and if you like this, leave us comments and also, look out for Vicktaru’s YouTube page as he will also have these videos posted on his end. Just do a search on YouTube for that and his channel will come up.

Love you guys!


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