Dawnguard at Noah’s

So my good friend Noah tells me one day that I should come over and catch footage so that I can do a video of me playing the first official Skyrim expansion, Dawnguard. So of course I say HELL YES and I go to his house and we setup the HD-PVR and start loading footage. We did have a problem at the end where the Xbox for some reason froze, but you won’t be able to tell during this video. This was recorded at Noah’s house on the Xbox and my voice over was done in my closet. That’s right, I took some bed sheets and hung them around my closet, put my Blue Yeti mic on a box and then started recording my audio on Ann’s laptop (which she let me borrow, thanks Ann) and I recorded my voice over while watching the footage on my iPhone, where I previously converted the video and moved to. The bed sheets allow to absorb sound so it doesn’t bounce over the walls and reduces echo. Also, with the closet door closed, noises won’t interrupt the recording. It was hot in there, but it was worth it.

And here is the result of the extra effort, cutting, effects, voice over and etc…


Vampire Lord 4 Life!


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