EVO And The Secret World

Hi guys, I haven’t got much new stuff with The Secret World since EVO 2012 has been going on all weekend. This is the yearly event were fighting game pros like Justin Wong, Daigo Umehara, Poongko, PR Balrog, ShadyK, Noel, Bala, Viscant, Latif, and of course, defending champ Super Street Fighter 4 v 2012 AE, Fuudo.

The games that I know about were King of Fighters XIII, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Super Street Fighter 4 v.2012 AE. It’s been insane and EVO is always a fun event that re-energizes my fighting spirit and love for fighting games. With the announcements of adding P.Jack, Forest Law, Tiger and ALEX on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I feel this fighter is going to be the best Tekken game of them all. And well, I don’t know if SkullGirls was featured, but it was created for the purpose of having advance tournament heavy presence so it might have been there.

I only found out EVO was this weekend and clearly it’s something that I would dig more if I followed the fighting game circuit more, but it’s been a pretty busy year and I’ve played games from all types and I do need to incorporate some fighting game love more.

I did try to do something like Fico’s Fight Stick, but it’s still not fleshed, so I think more fighting game playing for me and more new footage is needed. I do try to find the time to play everything I can and give content but it’s only me and I’m doing it alone.

As for The Secret World, I’m still playing that game and I’m finding a lot of enjoyment out of every session I get into. I’m in the Cerberus server and anyone can find me with the tag FGM. I didn’t know that would be my tag, but it’s funny that it actually worked. I’ve been gunning away with my pistols and so far I’ve come to a few problems, but I’ve been still powering up my character and it’s been an interesting tale of discovery and clues and lore and so much more that is yet to be seen so far.

I will try to get another livestream of me playing TSW and if anything else shows up to my interest, I will post it here.

Peace out guys!


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