Mass Effect 3: Earth

Hey guys, I remembered that today was the release of the new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC, Earth. There are so many additions on this new DLC I can’t wait to try them. I have already played on 2 of the maps they released and it is really awesome how they add close quarters stuff, and long stretches as well. The following stuff gets included upon downloading the DLC:

  • 3 new maps- Firebase Rio, Firebase London, and Firebase Vancouver. Not played on FB Vancouver yet due to connection to find games but I have videos for both Rio and London coming real soon.
  • New Weapons- Piranha Assault Shotgun, Acolyte Pistol, and Typhon Assault Rifle. I haven’t unlocked these weapons yet but in a video via Gamespot it seems they aren’t Ultra Rare so I can get them with the Veterans Pack if I get lucky. 
  • Six new N7 Human Classes:
    • Destroyer Soldier
    • Paladin Sentinel
    • Demolisher Engineer
    • Slayer Vanguard
    • Shadow Infiltrator 
    • Fury Adept
      • Haven’t unlocked any of the classes, but I will make videos as soon as I can unlocked them. I can’t seem to draw out classes with the packs I get. 
      • Each class for the N7 Humans all have new abilities added and new melee attacks for each one. 
  • Platinum Difficulty- This make me so scared. I tried to beat Operation Broadside on Gold against the Reapers and I couldn’t do it. I did against Cerberus, but it was set to Reapers (FIX IT DAMN IT). Not played on that yet, but I don’t think I dare to yet. Gotta be better in Silver and start mastering Gold if possible. Another problem was getting people to play with me since my N7 score is still pretty low. 
So far I have 2 recorded videos of me playing twice and I will try to get FB Vancouver footage later after work. But I will have this available to you guys and if I unlock the characters soon as well, I will post videos of my playing with each one if I can as I plan to do something like that in a future date with this game with all the classes. 

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