Operation Overwatch

Congrats on achieving from the jaws of defeats from Operation Broadside from 2 weeks ago and now came to get both individual and combined achievements to get both packs for Operation Overwatch from Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. It wasn’t nearly as tough but the 30 extra seconds of extraction time definitely put things on a ringer since I was playing Silver and it is quite a difference what does 30 seconds do.

The cool part is that the packs, the Commendation Pack and the Victory Pack were both really worth it. I reserved probably the most accurate shotgun ever, the N7 Crusader, a Striker Assault Rifle and the best part, the N7 Fury Adept. I was done leveling up a Human Adept named SIA and she is like 1 more level before maxing out, so I can’t wait until I start working on my Fury Adept.

I also started working on my Geth Engineer and he is rather nasty as well so I’m getting my creative juices flowing for my newest project for FGM. I’ve been playing different games but it seems that I always come back to this mode on Mass Effect 3 and I can’t seem to stop playing it. The longevity of it is rather nice and the amount of stuff to unlock is insane. More on this later as I plan on getting things squared little by little and the more I unlock the more I will show to all. I do hope Bioware releases more content such as maps, weapons and even more classes if possible.

Also, I have the 3rd part of my ME3: Earth coverage as this time, I am in Firebase Vancouver showing you guys the good things that this multi-leveled map can do against the invading forces. I also talk a little more about my Overwatch stream and also mention a video I did with Vicktaru, but for some reason, his voice isn’t heard during our private game. But if you go to twitch.tv/ficosgamingmind, you will see and hear me go mad thanks to the Silver difficulty. Hope this gets me ready for Gold.

Congratulate yourselves if you took part of Operation Overwatch and claim your prize. WOOT!


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