Puerto Rico Out, back to gaming it is!

Hey guys, Fico here and I’m back from my escape from stress and went to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, my homeland and I’m back. I have tons of stuff for you guys for this week including the 3rd part of DLC Earth which was done, but I forgot to upload before leaving :(. Sorry guys.

I did no gaming, except for Temple Run on my iPhone, which is freaking addicting and I didn’t even know about it but my sister in law and my brother (not gamers) knew about it. I think it’s cause they game on their phones a lot; hell, my brother introduced me to Angry Birds BEFORE it became the phenomenon it is now. So indirectly he has the pulse to gaming on phones and he definitely doesn’t know it lol

I will upload the video tomorrow for you all and then I will put the adventures of Operation Overwatch and latest on both upcoming DLC including Leviathan which I did in fact find out when I was on vacation. Very excited because also other games came out like Kingdom Hearts 3D and Persona 4: Arena. Both games are on my radar and I’m reserving Borderlands 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this month as well.

I have many awesome pics and videos coming soon to my other blog, Fico’s Mind, so check those out as well. I will make an announcement when I do so you can check out the vacation pics and see how awesome Puerto Rico is. Go see it guys! Give it a little love!


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