Borderlands 2 Impressions

Wub Wub! About 96.5% more Wub Wub is in this game. I have been hearing this for the last year and I wanted nothing more than my sweet Wub Wub. I even went to GameStop and got in line, pre-ordered and bought the Season Pass for Xbox, when I already had it for the PC, but it didn’t matter, because I wanted some more Wub Wub. Hell, even the store had a DJ there playing Skrillex, and Nero (Doomsday, twice…WUBWUB!)

But it was 12am, on Tuesday, and I was with Noah, and we both wanted Borderlands 2 badly. Bought magazines, saw endless amounts of footage, pictures, and we just got more and more excited and to tell you, honestly…the wait…was ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY TIME!!!!

Borderlands 2 to me was the most anticipated game of the year, and for good reason; the game is in every way so much more better than the 1st one, and I LOVED the first game. Everything. More characters, more story, more scenery, more levels, bigger worlds, more enemies, guns, and guns, and more guns, and guns of the ass, and guns here, and guns there. Guns like no ones’ business. But in all seriousness, the different types of guns, just by different firing modes, and also the different manufacturers’ differences, and the elemental damage, and the fire rate and so many differences, you will literally but swallowed in a sea of billions of guns, and not one of them is the same one.

The enemies are tougher too, rolling and moving from side to side, and dropping from different areas and flanking together and also jumping from different sections of the level, these aren’t the same stupid bandits that were brave enough to stand toe to toe; they know better now. And these suckers are also varied as well, bringing in new comers like Suicide Psychos, and Nomads, and the Hyperion Loaders, each with the will to make you scream and shout over and over as you regenerate from the New U Station and the Hyperion CPU poking fun of you dying. These fights, I mean, these monstrous battles of patience and endurance cause you to fall so much and lose your shield, and scrap for health, you need to actually think a bit. I find myself always in critical condition because these fights always get crazy. I know I can get a shield or a Class Mod to regenerate health, but I prefer my Class Skill Regeneration Mod more. I’m playing with the Commando and my Sabre Turret needs fresh bodies to keep it happy.

I’m using Axton, as I’m playing with Maya in Noah’s game, and I’m really enjoying him. I’m going with the Guerrilla Tree and I’ve got my turret max with longer duration and more bullet firing, and also have his Reload Speed increased 4/5. It makes a huge difference using the bigger bulkier weapons compared to not having them. My class mods are helpful too since I have one that increases my assault rifle magazine size and damage rating, another increases my SMG accuracy, and another regenerates my Sabre Turret much quicker after spending it. Also, if the turret is out, and it has nothing to fire, you can call it back, and the cooldown time gets cut significantly, and this is very important when taking on hordes of bandits, Spider Ants, and Loaders.

But what also blew me away was just all the improvements, like the mini map on the top right of the screen that cuts away having to hold the Map button every time to see how close you are to the objectives. Also, objectives are spread as well, and not set in a specific location to have to keep going from one far place after another before the next objective gets unlocked. Plus, if you are doing multiple missions, if you do something from another, the mission briefly changes and then switches back to let you know how close you are to the other one. You can now pick up money, health and ammo from the ground by simply walking over it and not have to hold on the Action Button. You still have to do that when you open chests, barrels, boxes, weapon caches, car trucks full of guns, and much more; but it’s nice to be able to pick things up, and not stop to do it so I can still fight.

And the Badass Ranks are awesome! You were able to do this in the first game, but now, it keeps an active log on your progress of what you do during the game. And when you complete these tiny objectives, you get more BadAss Tokens to place permanent buffs and they will carry over through the next playthough of that character. And, your main Badass Score gets carried over to the other characters that you do, and it never ends. It ranges from killing certain amount of specific enemies, different kills types like grenade kills or pistol kills, elemental skills, looting, etc…

And so many things; add to that the ability to store things for your next characters, more customizations for characters and vehicles, more different missions, Failure missions, more dialog from your favorite characters (especially CLAPTRAP), more different environments like snow, cavernous, industrial and mechanized locations, and that is all in the first 10 hours of the game. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface with this game!

Get this game now…don’t think, just do it. Game of the Year right now. My opinion. Sorry Assassin’s Creed 3, but Borderlands just feels more addicting. Plus, you have one every year, give us a chance to breathe.

I’m gonna end up getting that one too anyway 🙂


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