I’m not entirely sure how I missed this N7 Weekend since I was paying attention to Facebook during all this time, but at the very least, it was a success for this N7 Weekend as Operation PATRIOT came to an end. Seems that they also released the stats for the N7 Weekend. The objectives were as followed:

  • Squad Goal- Extraction on any difficulty with all the squad mates as the same non-human race. Requires 2 or more players in squad.
  • Allied Goal- Kill 600,000 ATLAS mechs on any map at any difficulty.
  • Special Circumstance- Escort drones travel speed reduced. 
So this was a bit more realistic and the punishment seems fair considering that the drones probably won’t show up as much; unless they did and it’s freaking stupid. But the tally goes like this:
Mechs destroyed are:
PC- 322,410
360- 199,153
PS3- 82,465
Congratulations guys!
I’ll try not to miss the next one. 

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