X-Honored-Mechro-Liation Day!!!

Wazzup Dudes!

Fico here and this day it’s one of the most awesomemest days of the year. This day, October 9th, I dub thee X-Honored-Mechro-Liation Day.

X-Honored-Mechro-Liation Day is a day that will live in awesomeness because today, 4 kick ass releases have already hit the game market and I’ve already had the pleasure of playing 2 of them.

Dishonored, a highly anticipated game for everyone has been released today, along with XCOM Enemy Unknown. Both games have had great anticipation and I will be getting these 2 in a later date. I have never played any of the XCOM games, but I got really excited about the 1st person shooter that was being made. But then to my amazing shock, that fans of the XCOM games called this a betrayal. I was very surprised because the games like freaking awesome.

Dishonored is on my list and it is a game that I will be getting on a later date, hopefully via Steam sales. The game allows for a open world with a ton of ways to dispatch your enemies. Abilities that rage of awesome ala Bioshock and many ways to dispatch enemies like you were toying with them. Also the ability to bend time and this game is no wonder why it’s been highly anticipated.

But the biggest news come from 2 of my favorite games, Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3. Randy Pitchford is a God! He said, screw it, I’m releasing our DLC today and he did. Gaige, the Mechromancer, is released today for free for all Premiere Club users and for anyone else for purchase on all systems. I already have mine going and I’m hoping to have her built a bit higher for when it’s time to show off her skills.

And finally, Mass Effect 3: Retaliation, probably the biggest DLC pack released for the multiplayer. This is quite nice. It adds characters, hazards on 2 firebases, weapons, challenges to complete, and…THE COLLECTORS AS ENEMIES. I have a video coming up soon which I will also disclose a blog about my experience once I play more the game with the new DLC.

X-Honored-Mechro-Liation Day is just getting started for me so I hope everyone is having a great time today. X-Honored-Mechro-Liation Day, forever!


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