Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Insanity!

It’s been about a few days since I’ve started playing ME3’s new offering to the multiplayer masses, and Retaliation is definitely something quite massive in size. I have been playing for 2-3 hours for the last week and I have to say, this is a huge massive. What? A huge massive…that is what it is. A huge massive of a DLC and is pretty huge and pretty massive and in all ends it brings new everything to the table. The Retaliation DLC was released for free last week on the 9th and it includes brand new maps, weapons, classes and a brand new enemy class. But I will talk about each one of these features at a time, except for one. I would love to talk about the weapons, but sadly I haven’t unlocked any of the weapons, so when I do, I will do a video highlighting the weapons. I know there was a brand new DLC for single player with new weapons and I do plan on releasing a new video showing each one in a campaign mission. But first comes Retaliation; the juggernaut, the titan, the huge massive.

The Collectors

The most important and probably the most evil addition is the Collectors. These bitches were the main threat of Mass Effect 2 and they are back to unleash hell. Without spoiling anything, these aliens were responsible for human colonists to disappear and they were believed to be working for the Reapers. How they did it was using seeker swarms which stung humans and left them in a Stasis state which they couldn’t move but were not unconscious. The rest of the collective were drones, husks and bigger units like the Scions and the Praetorians.

Well they are most definitely back with a vengeance as they are all here. The Collector soldiers have variants such as regular units and Captains with an added barrier for extra shielding. They can also release Seeker Swarms in which in contact, will leave you without the ability to cast any abilities for some time. These units can also be possessed as well and turned into even stronger units in which they release Possessed Swarms that explode and damage you as well as leave you with no abilities for a brief time.

The Abominations are quite nasty this time around as these were not so threatening but quite annoying in the main campaign of ME2. There were like regular Husks (or humans turns into Reaper race, with the spikes) but they glowed red and they exploded when defeated. Here is the same story and the Abominations are very annoying because destroying them hurt you as well. But it’s nothing compared to a Possessed Abomination; as it might be the least threatening of the Possessed Collectors, until, it dies. For you see, if you manage to dispatch one of these, and you are anywhere near it,  you will most likely die. For they set off an explosion that is menacing in both sound and size, and the worst part is that multiple Possessed Abominations can be in the same map at the time and if they die in result of this explosion, they will set off their own massive onslaught and will keep the explosive madness going in chains.

The Scions are also back and they too can be possessed. The Scions in Mass Effect 2 where like the Brute Reapers almost. They have armor and they take a long time to die if you do not use armor shredding ammo, or incendiary attacks or weapons to bring down the armor. In ME2, their main attack was a shockwave, similar to Jack’s, only this would go through cover and it would knock your shield down almost right away. In Retaliation, this attack is more similar to the Geth Primes main cannon, and the Scions here act more like them, only without the extra layer of shield. However, they can be possessed and they gain not only a barrier, but they also gain an attack, which is a volley of grenades that cover the floor and will instantly kill you if you are too close. The Scions can also instant kill you by grabbing you and they can also swing their firearm at you to damage you like the Geth Primes do if you get too close.

But as bad as the Scions are, the worst are the Praetorians. These are just as nasty as they were in ME2 only here, they are much worse. These hulking flying beasts are almost worse than the Banshees, but the truth is that they can also be possessed and they turn much more evil. The Praetorians main attack is their laser blasts which can be fired from afar and they can instant kill you if your shield is not strong enough. Also, they move really fast when they are in the air and their barrier can be a pain to bring down. On the ground, they can instant kill if they grab you and they are also fast melee attackers as well. You cannot win a one-on-one battler with melee against a Praetorian; even if you are a Krogan with high health and good barrier/shield, the beast is just too quick on the ground. Possessed Praetorians don’t seem to act to different, only they are even harder to kill and they can damage you much more than regular PTs, which are evil anyway so to hell with it.

Also on the field are Collector Webs, which I’m still not sure who or what makes them, but from what I can tell, these webs are a source of what makes the Collectors turn Possessed. I see things turned Possessed when they are near them, but they don’t attack and they only have barriers so if you see them, wipe them out.

The Collectors are the hardest creatures to handle because the bigger ones all instant kill, they can all be Possessed to increase their attack and resistance to attacks and they are just mean as hell when playing Gold against. This is the meanest addition but it’s definitely not the most annoying.

New Enemy Types

Because a whole new race to deal with isn’t nearly enough to make this an already expansive DLC, the existing enemies now have new enemies to bug us to death.  My favorites are the ones given to the Geth: the Geth Bomber. The name should strike fear, but it really doesn’t live up to it once you see it in action and what it is. The Geth Bomber is a flying minion which is small and not very fast, but it can damage you up close and it pack both shields and armor. These are a bit faster than the regular Geth Drones but these suckers are much more annoying than they are threatening. These little asses have an attack that basically lines a row of mines in an horizontal line at your direction. What this does is make you move, and usually cause of this, it’s to more Geth. These buggers are not hard to kill, but when swarmed with more than one and with Geth Hunters hidden as well, it’s a lethal combo that is quite nasty.

Cerberus decided to also roll out the Dragoon, a unit with full tactical armor and pistol attacks. But these soldiers have a nasty heavy melee attack that is similar to the Cerberus Soldier you unlock. It’s basically a energy whip attack/slam that damages your shields really badly and most of the time, they don’t deploy just one Dragoon, they deploy several and once nearby them, they will always do that heavy melee and it hurts.

The Reapers have no added enemies but only time will tell if Bioware is sick and demented enough to make the 2nd most toughest race even worse with another annoyance on the field. Maybe a full size Reaper should be added, so that we can struggle to stay alive even more and no be able to kill it with our own weapons. That should do just fine.

 Hazard Maps:

The new maps that I mentioned earlier aren’t really new maps at all, but some maps got a bit of a different touch. Glacier has a nice rounded room with more room to run on the main base for more places to go and leads to the furthest section to the left near the extraction point and other maps may have had similar additions but I haven’t noticed them.

The most noticeable addition to the game in Retaliation are Hazard Maps. These are versions of the main 6 Firebases and they alternate each week, 2 at a time. The first 2 I played with FB Dagger, which summons sandstorms and they leave almost no visibility when traveling outside the base. Then Reactor hits and basically what it adds is Reactor Meltdown buttons on the main reactor cores. Outside each door, they have a switch that charges all the way up and when it reaches red, it goes into Meltdown and anything inside the core, dies. At least they are suppose to die, because some enemies are so tough they survive the damn meltdowns. FB Ghost offers a nicer looking version and it’s wet as well, but the rain that comes down is not the nice rain, it’s Acid Rain that burns through your shield\barrier in tiny bits and serves to keep you indoors to take on multiple threats and not be able to run. And finally FB Giant which offers a nighttime version of the map, which is definitely more scarier but didn’t notice any real hazards. I haven’t ran into White and Glacier since it hasn’t been a week, but Glacier has Whiteout hazards which I assume is similar to the sandstorms in Dagger; and Glacier which are Collector Swarms that will be outside and will more likely leave you without abilities if you step outside, but that’s just my guess. More on those two, later.

Weapons, Ammo and Gear:

Weapons included in the game are 3 Collector weapons that are very useful indeed. The Collector Assault Rifle from the 2nd game but it’s accompanied by it’s own Sniper Rifle and SMG. I’ve been told that the Collector Sniper Rifle has infinite ammo and it does need time to recharge it’s energy if you run out, but you won’t run out of ammo it seems. My Swedish ME3 companion DinoUnit67 unlocked it and he told me that’s what it does. More once I unlock it of course. Sounding like a broken record.

Ammo has been added but I have not tried it but it included Drill Rounds to penetrate armor, Explosive Rounds for added boom to your fire  power and Phaser Rounds, which I have not tested just yet. There are five Gears items mentioned in the release notes but I haven’t had to pleasure of seeing time just yet. These will be mentioned with more detail once I start to notice them in the game.

A Butt Load of New Characters:

This is probably my favorite addition to Retaliation since it’s going to keep growing as time goes by, but there are sixteen new characters. SIXTEEN. 16. Diez y seis! As of now, 5 of them having been unlocked but four were available at release. Each character sounds insane but one of the funnest additions is now that you can play as the Volus. The little pigmy bankers that are apparently known for their orbital strikes are on the battlefield now. These things can’t take cover and they don’t have good health or shields, but what they lack in strength they don’t lack in skills. I’ve been using the Volus Engineer and he has 2 abilities I love, the Recon Mine and the Shield Boost. Recon Mine plants a mine and it scans the nearby area like the Geth Engineer’s Hunter Mode and you can remote detonate this bomb from anywhere. The explosive damage is huge and it’s a huge help for clearing mobs and also gives you good scouting data so you can avoid enemies since you will be able to see them coming through walls. Shield Boost is a support skill but it is also a life saver that gives you and your nearby squad a boost in shields when you activate it. But also, you can use a Tactical Cloak which is activated with the melee button by pressing it once and that can be a life saver since your little pigmy has the resistance of a 5 year old in a boxing match. No heavy melee to speak off, but it does have a shield barrier that keeps enemies away and can push them back, but not really damage them too much. The Volus Adept I unlocked as well, but I have not used him, and I haven’t unlocked these either:

  • Turian Ghost Infitrator
  • Turian Havoc Soldier
  • Krogan Shaman Adept

My good friend Nec24 has had extensive practice with one of the Turian new characters since it has an ability to use jet propulsion to quickly move to different spots and avoid threats. Sick new additions and I will speak more of them as I unlock more.


And the next most notable and last in this content heavy DLC is Challenges. This is basically a bunch of challenges that are offered to the player in which you are track during the matches and you complete these in order to get trophies for completions as well as titles and banners for your character. Some of these challenges include damage done with certain weapons, waves completed with a specific race, extractions from a map, abilities used, solo runs, N7 weekend participation and much more. This is all real good stuff, but there is nowhere in the game that explains how it all works and the worst part, you start out in ZERO. Even if you’ve been playing this mode since the game’s release, like me, this starts you off from the very beginning like you didn’t do anything. I wish Bioware at least monitored your stats and then you can get the credit for the challenges, but I guess that would be unfair if all the challenges were half completed upon getting them. They even have a website for N7 tracking of the challenges in the Social Website which you can see with your Origin ID.

Verdict: Retaliation ROCKS on Heavy MASSIVE LEVELS

This is free and it’s out now and you would be an idiot if you don’t get this pack now. I will be making videos more often detailing the new additions of Retaliation and I will make videos of the new characters as they become available as well. But for now I wanted to offer my impressions and I hope you join the fight. Because the Collectors suck ass and I need some freaking help. 


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