Halloween Challenge and Operation JACKHAMMER

Ever since Retaliation has been on the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect 3, there have been more reasons to keep playing the multiplayer and it expands the experience even more as it makes it almost it’s own stand alone game. But the coolest reason is that now, we can get a slew of interesting challenges based on the seasons. This past Wednesday was Halloween and that day there was a new challenge posted on the Challenges portion on ME3:Multiplayer. The Halloween Challenge is composed of 3 challenges in which completion will grant you the Halloween Challenge banner for your player. The Challenges go as followed:

GhostBuster- Requires 5 extractions from Firebase Ghost or Firebase Ghost Hazard. Easy as pie, just beat the rounds all the way and get extraction on either map 5 times.

Zombie Hunter- Requires 7500 points against husks/abominations. Either go against the Reapers to get damage on Husks or pick the Collectors and get damage on Abominations or Possessed Abominations. It goes without saying I would prefer going against the Reapers, but you might find it easier since I’ve seen more Abominations than Husks since the Collectors got added.

Monster Killer- 10000 points against Brutes/Scions/Praetorians/Banshees. Another Reaper/Collector choice. My recommendation is to pick one and that might get you both challenges easier. Although, I’m not sure whether both amount to the same combination like say Praetorians and Banshees, but just to be safe, stick with one type of enemy so that you won’t work twice as hard in the event that the 10000 points aren’t combined.

Halloween Challenge- By beating the previous 3 mentions Challenges, you get awarded the banner certifying you as getting the Challenge completed. It’s been going on since the 31st of October and it’s set to end on the 5th of November. Also, be on the look out for special things on the field as you will notice some things that might be out of place, but perfect for these challenges.

But the Halloween Challenge is not the only Challenge that is available to complete at the same time, as there is another feat to complete between the 2nd-4th of November. This is a different N7 deal as it’s referred as N7 Bounty Weekend. This is being referred to as Operation JACKHAMMER. This only has one goal and it’s an individual goal and no Allied Goal is attached to this.

The individual goal is the following:
Earn 75,000 points using biotic charge on any map at any difficulty. Points are cumulative across matches. Extraction is not required.

Vanguards all over will be getting this pretty easily. Since the Vanguards are the ones blessed with the Biotic Charge, make sure you have a strong enough Vanguard to take to the field and start punishing enemies with it. Do as often as possible but try to stay alive as well since it does put you in a ackward spot if you BC to a group of enemies.

I figure since the Halloween Challenge is going on as well, N7 Weekend is going to take a break, but then again, they did say there would be more of these, so we might get another N7 related one. N7 Day is on the 7th and I can surely guarantee that there will be something special on this day for this game so stay on the lookout for this on the 7th.

Go out there and pick some pumpkins with Biotic Charge 😀


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