Stonebridge’s Pirate Adventure

Once in a while a story comes along where you get grasped and taking for a ride that you never forget.

This story is not one of those.

Stonebridge has finished riding the land of Handsome Jack and now he is off to another adventure into the land of Oasis where he will encounter sand worms, hovercrafts, shady people, and of course, PIRATES!!!! Captain Scarlett is looking for lost treasure and she needs Stoney’s help to find it.

Captain Scarlett and the Pirate’s Booty was the 1st DLC release for the game Borderlands 2 and I’m just now getting to it. But I thought, why not offer my Soldier, Stoney, a chance to show you what he goes through on a regular basis after saving the planet. Over the next few weeks I will be uploading videos of me playing this DLC with highlights and showing you what I encounter when going through these adventures in Oasis and the rest of the lands.

Episode 1 is available here and on my YouTube page so check it out and tell me what you think. Enjoy!


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