Operation: PRIVATEER

Well guys, another weekend with N7 Weekend happening so come on in and enjoy what is available in the game. The challenges are the following:

Individual Goal: Earn 50,000 points versus any enemy with shields on any map, at any difficulty. Points are cumulative across matches.  (Cerberus Centurion, Cerberus Engineer, Cerberus Engineer Turret, Cerberus Nemesis, Cerberus Atlas, Reaper Marauder, Geth Rocket Trooper, Geth Hunter, Geth Pyro, Geth Prime, Geth Prime Turret, Geth Prime Rocket Drone, Geth Bomber)

Allied Goal: Complete 50,000 cumulative total extractions of Batarian, Vorcha, or Turian characters.

Special Circumstance: None

Individual Goal Success: All individual players awarded a Commendation Pack and Corsair banner

Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack and the potential max capacity for Ops Survival Kit will be increased to 6.

And for a special treat, I have also embedded the entire sessions for the Operation PRIVATEER stream where Nec, Dino, Alex, and Vicktaru got into the action and we kicked ass.

Laughter is all over the place!

Watch live video from Fico’s Gaming Mind on TwitchTV


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