Naga Review Progress and Dead Space 3 Impressions coming

Sup guys, happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you and your fellow gaming loves have a wonderful day today. Sadly I am alone and will not be doing anything that day, but my work will keep me busy but I’m also happy to report that my Naga Hex review is almost filmed and I plan on starting editing tomorrow so I can give you guys my impressions and ultimately, my review on the mouse.

I am still working on Dead Space 3 but I promise as soon as I finish the game, I will get you guys my impressions and maybe show you guys as well some of the things that I did while in the game, namely, the work bench toying around and the weapons I’ve made so far for Isaac.

And speaking of Isaac, I just started to play The Binding of Isaac and I want to play that game more to give my impressions of it as well. It’s a game I’ve known for a long time and I just started to play it as well.

I am also going to contribute to a Kickstarter for Red Thread Games latest entry of The Longest Journey games, Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey. The core team that created The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, are finally wrapping up the series after acquiring the rights and decided to go independent and started a Kickstarter to have people donate money to get the project funded. As of now, they are about 85% complete with the goal and it’s still got weeks to meet. I plan on donating as well when I get a chance but if you want to find out more about this project go to the following site:

Well guys, the Day of Love is here. So have a happy Valentine’s Day for you and your loved ones and I hope that you have an awesome time. If not, just get your girl and game the night away!

Peace. And love of course!


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