Dead Space done, Game Capture HD Bonanza!

Well guys I have finished Dead Space 3 and it was a pretty awesome game and a great conclusion to the franchise as this was suppose to be the last game in the series. Do I think it will be the last one? Well they are making another Mass Effect and they ended God of War and Halo in their 3rd games and each are set to give us new entries (Halo already did, but ME is being worked on); my point, is that things don’t always end when they say they are ending. In fact, we might see another entry later down the road or years from now. But for now, it’s over and it was great.

In fact, I’ve made a video on my perspective on the entire Dead Space franchise and I also talked about what I felt about each game. I don’t talk a lot about the 2nd game because I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember it was much scarier than the 1st game. I will be uploading that video today, as well as an update video for this month.

I’ve also would like to announce the arrival of my new baby, The Elgato Game Capture HD. My new recording device for capturing Xbox and Playstation 3 gameplay footage. I managed to get this baby on Tuesday and it’s an amazing piece of tech that makes capturing your gameplay footage very easily. I have recorded 2 videos so far and I plan to do more explaining everything as the days go by and I use it more and more and I plan on having multiple videos on this as well as comparison videos with the HD-PVR. I also plan on showing you guys from time to time vids of the GCHD in action as I already recorded a few UMVC3 vids and Dead Space 3 vids as well. I plan on posting these babies soon so I hope you enjoy them when they come.

I got the GCHD at for $20 less than getting it at an Apple store or it’s regular price. It’s pretty great and I hope you guys take a look at it soon if you can. I will show more updates with this baby as the times come and I plan on adding one post with each video once they make it to YouTube.

Take care guys and as always, stay classy gamers!


Here is the link to the Game Capture HD Amazon page


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