Bioshock Infinite Final Impressions

I filmed a few days ago an impressions video of me discussing after finishing Bioshock Infinite what I felt and how I believe that Bioshock Infinite might be the best game that has been created in years. Taking a familiar formula and turning it inside it’s head and also giving us things we have never seen and making them so visually stunning with a story that rocks your emotions to the core; I felt that only one video wasn’t enough to convey what I felt for this game.

So in the spirit of making my opinions and ideas into art, I decided to make another video and this time, it goes into more of my thoughts and less about the details of the game. This is my final impressions video and I have to say I feel proud since this one has more stuff like transitions, sound editing, video enhancements and better audio quality from the RodeMic on the camcorder.

Here is my latest video for my thoughts on Bioshock Infinite. Enjoy! And give it a Like if you liked it! 😉


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