Wow, this has been a long time!

Hello everyone! I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been here. Wait, yes I do. Way too freaking long! But I’ve been so involved in the last couple of months and I’ve been working on my videos, on my channel, on my vlogs, on my drawing (I can DRAW NOW!), and family life (I’m an uncle!), and other things in between. Unfortunately, this has left very little time for me to actually blog at all. Mostly because, everything I put my energy is the little energy I have left from my job. I work, and then I go home, and the little time I have before going to bed, I either play, or edit, or record, or draw, or just go to bed right away, depending on the day.

The honest thing is, I don’t know how much these are being read. I put these to express and leave thoughts on things like gaming, releases and the such. But since focusing on YouTube, and, on other projects as well, my blogging has suffered and I feel bad. I don’t know if many read, but for those who have, thank you so much. I do try to improve on many things and this blog needs a lot of work. I don’t have a website, and if I did, I would be doing all the blogging there, and I would of course, move all these posts there as well. I have many plans coming up and I’m trying to do consistent video posts on YouTube.

First, I’m doing Let’s Plays. I’m trying to do a blind LP for the game, GunPoint. And it seems like I’m demonstrating how little I can say, since I’m also trying to figure out the game as I play and record. I’m having fun playing and giving my thoughts as I play, so, it’s just a test but I figure that to more I do it, the better it is. Next time, I’ll do a game that I have played before.

Next, I’m doing videos on things I hear about games in the media or anything that tickles my fancy. I will be doing more videos like that as well. Currently almost done working on a video about a news story I heard involving Minecraft. Very juicy stuff!

I’m also going to be doing impression videos on games that I played, similar to the Bioshock Infinite video I did, when I beat the game. My friend Matt, gave me permission to try out Disney Infinity and I plan to do a live impressions video, let’s play, discussing the game as we play, and many other things as well.

I am open for suggestions about everything that I’m doing, currently, and if you want to see more blogs, let me know. You can also join the FGM Facebook page here at and become a part of the conversations, the silliness, or anything else happening there. Post something you saw somewhere and share it; I might do a video on it.

Well, that is it for the moment, and if this picks up and people want to see more of the blog, I will keep it going more regularly. If not, then I will post from time to time, but it will be more rare. Like a ‘hey, how goes it?’ sort of deal.

Take care guys!


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