Month of Horror begins with Amnesia

Well guys….it’s back. I’m doing the Month of Horror again and this time, there are more games, more videos and more fun! I have a few things to share here. Like the 1st part of my playthrough of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I admit that I have played this game before and I got to the same part as I did before and it wasn’t too hard. The sound is what really sells the game, but the graphics are wonderful as well. Frictional Games recently released SOMA, which is basically Amnesia in a space horror environment and if you are like me, that is heaven on a plate. I don’t know if it’s better, but the game is definitely spooky looking.

Also I’m leaving a link to a playlist of 2013’s Month Of Horror. Enjoy my then thinner self playing some of these games for the first time, and some just playing again.


Month of Horror 2013 Playlist

Part 1 of Amnesia: The Dark Descent PlayThrough for MOH 2015


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