200 VIDEOS!!! And more….

Hey guys!!! My last video upload was my 200th video on YouTube and over the past few years I’ve done what I can to make the channel as good as it can be and I want to improve as much as I can. So not only am I uploading videos more this month and such, but I’m also making a change…

I’m moving to WordPress. The reality is that in WordPress, it’s a medium that is more popular, widely used by many and I can do so much more than, sadly, I could do here. I will be ending my posts on Blogger as soon as I get WordPress finished. And I have a domain name so, I can make the official FGM site from a WP blog. So that would be super awesome. I really like Blogger but I think it’s time to make an improvement and a place like WordPress is a place that can offer so much more. Lynda.com has a lot more training for it than it does for Blogger. And it doesn’t improve as much. But don’t worry because I am moving all the posts that are here over to the WP blog and you will still be seeing updates there as well. So when I move there, I will let you guys know! Please try and support me once this move is there. Blogger is fine. But I want change! I hope you guys can understand.

Well the milestone video is here so, thank you for reading, and watching, and commenting and sharing! Take care!


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